2023 Migraine Gift Guide Top 10


With somewhere around 40 million people in the U.S. alone suffering from migraines, you probably know someone with this horrible condition, or might even experience migraines yourself. This holiday season, give the gift of relief.

We here at Migrastil (migraine sufferers ourselves) have curated our top 10 gift items for the 2023 holiday season. Any of these items would make a thoughtful gift for that friend or relative who has migraine. This list is also great to share with friends and family if you need relief.

1. The Original Migraine Stick. Yes, we are a little biased. But with tens of thousands of happy customers we feel confident recommending the "little stick that takes the edge off." You can't miss with Migraine Stick's fast, cooling relief. Migrastil also offers Gift Cards in a wide range of values good for a wide range of natural migraine products.

2. A Neck Support Pillow because many folks with migraine also experience neck pain. A good neck support pillow can help diminish this pain and lead to a good night's sleep. 

3. The Cefaly Device offers a wonderful drug-free approach to migraines. Cefaly is easy to use and can be used before or during an attack.

4. The Allay Lamp uses green light therapy to calm hypersensitive migraine brains with a patented band of green light waves. Not just any green light will work for migraine sufferers. There are some imitators out there, but stick with this one - they've done their research.

5. Theraspecs Migraine Glasses block blue light from sources like computer screen, cell phones and even ambient light. Since excessive blue light can trigger a migraine, these are very helpful. When choosing migraine glasses, go with a reputable company like Theraspecs to be sure the glasses block the right wavelengths of bluelight.

6. The Mediterranean Migraine Diet is filled with recipes and diet tips for migraine sufferers. This book/cookbook was co-written by a migraine sufferer and a doctor and is absolutely fabulous.

7. Ginger Chews pack a one-two punch against migraines. Ginger has been shown to help with both the pain and nausea often accompanying a migraine attack. We're partial to these Mango/Ginger flavored chews.

8. A Cooling Eye Mask provides cold therapy for migraine and also blocks out the light, which is a perfect combination since most people experience light sensitivity during an attack.

9. This simple Neck Cooler is heaven when you're having a migraine. This neck cooler is designed to wrap around your neck and stay in place.  It stays cold for a long time. Keep it in the freezer and it will be ready when you need it. 

10. This Drink Mix from Terra Med contains a mix of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that really help when you're having a migraine. Mix this pleasant tasting powder with water or juice.


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