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meet the founder
meet the founder

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Created with you in mind

Cruelty-free & vegan

Safe for your skin

Topical Application

Dermatologically tested

Made in the USA

Why 2529+ MIGRAINE SUFFERERS LOVE our products

Perfect for migraine and neck pain!

This product is great to ease the pain of migraines and neck pain. I also have tension and neck spasms in my upper shoulder and neck area. I am trying to take a more natural approach to my pain. This has helped me. The hint of Peppermint Spearmint with Lavender seems for me to be a calming agent that works perfectly together. I will purchase it again.


“This works so well I never go without it”

I get headaches super easy and this truly helps. I was surprised because things like this never work for me. It has helped me tremendously and for that I am grateful.

Rebecca Stockard

“This works so well I never go without it”

I am on day 3 of a low to mid grade migraine. Rolled this on my temples and at some point relatively quickly realized that for the first time in many days it was gone. The underlying reason for the migraine was not cured of course… Been managing the migraine all day like this and I’m so happy with this product. Gives blissful temporary relief to a migraine when nothing else seems to touch it.

 L. Chapman