Migrastil Extra Strength Migraine Stick
Migrastil Extra Strength Migraine Stick
Migrastil Extra Strength Migraine Stick
Migrastil Extra Strength Migraine Stick
Migrastil Extra Strength Migraine Stick
Migrastil Extra Strength Migraine Stick

Migrastil Extra Strength Migraine Stick

Migrastil Extra Strength Migraine Stick is like the Original Migraine Stick, but stronger and without lavender. It contains Menthol and pure Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Spearmint essential oils safely diluted for your skin in fractionated coconut oil. 

Simply roll on the back of your neck and temples (avoiding your eyes) at the first signs of migraine or headache pain for ice-cold natural migraine and tension headache relief.

Made in the USA. Dermatologically tested for skin safety and third party tested for purity. 100% Cruelty-Free & Vegan. 

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Not just a "Headache"

Migraine can make you less effective at work and rob you of precious time spent with family and friends. As of now, there is no cure for migraine. But there are ways to manage and reduce the effects of thishorrible disease. Migrastil is a line of products created by migraine sufferers for migraine sufferers. Our goal is to help you be stronger than your migraines!

Don't take our word for it


"I used this for the first time and holy cow does this thing
soothe! After a few seconds the cooling aspect kicks in and boy does it do wonders."


Migraine Stick


"I really think it makes a difference. When I take it regularly
every day. I find even if I do get a headache it doesn't seem to be as
intense and that I can deal with a lot easier."


Migrastil Capsules


"I was definitely weary of this but figured I'd take a chance on it and definitely glad I did. It works like a charm!"


Migraine Stick


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author name

Los Angeles, CA


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author name

Los Angeles, CA


Migrastil has four active ingredients:  taurine, magnesium, feverfew and
vitamin B1. Taken together, they have a synergistic effect and work to
support normal neurological and vascular functioning.  

You should take one capsule twice a day. We suggest taking it with food,
for instance one capsule with breakfast and one capsule with dinner.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Debasish Chowdhury
Not related to the Product but something else

I paid almost 2 times higher the price of the product by directly getting it shipped from US. We used to buy the product 3 to 4 times in a year for use, when it was available in India via Amazon. It's unfortunate that the product is discontinued. Getting it from US directly not an option. It's almost equivalent to the one day IPD cost of a renown hospital in India. Buisness strategy is incomprehensible and approach reprehensible.

Mohammed Al Farsi

Strongly recommended

Yolanda Gonzalez
Migrastil stick

Love it, because it works for me. Put one in my purse.

Harriet Driss

I have had migraines for as long as I can remember. They are genetic, my father had them. I have tried everything from allopathic too complimentary too OTC. I had brief period of time when Zomig nasal spray worked until it didn't. I basically lived on Excedrine Migraine for years. I have MS which contributes too migraines. I always have a chronic migraine. I get unbelievable migraines do to weather conditions. They make me unable to do anything except lie in a dark room, in bed, with a sleep mask, ear plugs, and can last for several days. I am always willing to try new things. I read on the American Migraine Foundation website and found Migrastil. I thought I have nothing to lose. I place the first ordered : the Extra Strength stick and the capsules. I had low expectations. When it arrived I immediately got the stick and starting using it. To my amazement within a minute I felt relieve. Have been using them daily for about 10 days now. I have been migraine free for all that time. Occasionally, I feel one coming on but these keep them at bay. This has been a Miracle for me. I have ordered from them 3 times. I, also, purchase the neck and shoulder cream. This is an amazing product. I am a retired RN. I known a lot of DRs. and none of them had an answer. This company is incredible. Their products work. The owner is Scott and Melissa is the person who helped me. I would highly recommend trying their products. Nothing works for everyone so you have to search and keep searching until you find what works for you. The products are all natural. It is worth it to take a chance. I am glad I did.

Janette Cox

So sorry to say this product has not helped with my terrible migraines !! Very disappointing
Was hoping to give a good review !! But I love the customer service ( especially
with Melissa)